How To Rekindle A Relationship

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Rekindle Your Romance

Rekindle Your Romance

Hi, it’s Karen here…

Relationships break down. Period. It’s what you do before or after your relationship breaks down – it’s what you do about what happens to you – that can bring back the spark! In this short article I’ll delve into how to rekindle a relationship…

Congratulations for recognizing your situation. This is an easy thing to deal with.

  • We know how it starts
  • We know how it progresses
  • We know what happens in your emotional brain
  • We can help you if you’re prepared to be dedicated to the process of regaining your relationship
  • Then there are some remedies and therapies we can give you that will help you along your way.

We can’t “fix” anyone. We can’t cure anyone. We can’t make your relationship better. Only you can do that.

We can give you advice from our own experience and from the experience of thousands of others with whom we have worked who are improving their relationship and their health.

We can offer you some tips, tools and techniques on this blog that we believe will help you in your request for help on how to rekindle your romance.

And we can be encouraging and supportive and gentle and loving.

But we can’t fix your relationship.

While there are many ‘relationship cures’ on the internet, we believe that we will never find a single solution for relationship problems.

There are three main reasons why relationships break down:

  1. unresolved hurts
  2. ineffective communication, and
  3. not giving and receiving love according to yours and your partner’s needs for love.

We can provide many different ways to assist people on how to rekindle a relationship and improve physical and mental health – if they want to.

Recovery from a disconnected relationship and the associated physical and psychological stress, and maintaining the relationship and your health, is a lifestyle choice and an ongoing journey.

You can recover from the symptoms of a disengaged relationship. You and your partner each still have a responsibility to live healthy, think healthy, and be in a relationship that works!

If you are silly, overworked yourself, think negatively, and did all those things that you did for so many years in your relationship, your relationship will break down again and you will be sick again.

You do have the option to live sick and in a dysfunctional relationship or live well in a connected meaningful relationship where you continually romance your soulmate.

It all starts when you choose how to rekindle a relationship. 

Want to rekindle your romance … feel loved, less stressed, energetic, romantic, content, and emotionally and financially secure …?

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